About The Academy of Allied Health & Science

The Monmouth County Academy of Allied Health and Science prepares and motivates students to pursue further education towards a career in the medical sciences through a rigorous specialized curriculum and community based partnerships, inspiring students to serve society with compassion, skill and vision. The school opened in September of 1996 with a ninth grade class of sixty-four and a faculty of eight teachers.  Each year seventy students are added from an applicant pool of two-three hundred eighth -graders representing a cross section of students from fifty school districts. The fourth class entered in September 1999 and student enrollment is projected to continue at two hundred and seventy.  The student body is culturally diverse.  The staff includes two full time guidance counselors and thirty teachers. The school is housed in a state-of-the-art building, which includes three computer labs and a distance-learning lab.  There are five science labs, a media center and a complete fitness lab.  Each classroom is connected to a school-wide video retrieval system and a wide area network with Internet access.



School Community Governance

The school is guided, in part, by a parent, student, teacher, community, and administrator led committee called the Strategic Planning Committee. This group meets monthly and discusses matters related to the entire school and specifically assess the status of the three Accreditation for Growth objectives facilitated by the Middle States Commission of Secondary Schools Association. Accreditation for Growth Committees operate throughout the year and meet monthly. The groups are comprised of and are led by teachers and work to assure attainment of the three objectives established in concert with the Middle States Association.


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