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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum required overall score for admission? 

Applicants must have a minimum score of 75 to be eligible for admission in any MCVSD school, but there is no set cut-off score above 75. The highest scoring student in each resident district is offered admission. The remainder of the applicants are placed into a general application pool. For more information about the application process, please visit our Applications page.

Should you study for the admissions exam and, if so, how? 

The admissions exam is meant to assess verbal and mathematics skills that applicants have developed throughout middle school. There is no way and no need to prepare for the exam.



How is the HTHS curriculum different from a traditional high school curriculum? 

As HTHS is a pre-engineering academy, the curriculum is naturally oriented around engineering and technology. Underclassmen and seniors are required to take certain engineering classes, while juniors may select an engineering elective. These specialized courses, which typically have a heavy focus on group work, expose students to real-life engineering norms in fields such as architecture, biological engineering, computer science, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. The HTHS curriculum also has a research and data analysis track for underclassmen. Like a traditional high school, HTHS requires students to take courses in English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language. Please see our Course Catalogue.

Is there tutoring available for students struggling in a particular class? 

Academic Support is offered every day during lunch. This is a dedicated classroom for students to receive one-on-one help in particular subjects from National Honor Society student tutors. Alternatively, students may arrange sessions with specific teachers before, during, and after school.


What kind of extracurriculars are there at HTHS? What are some popular ones? 

High Tech has numerous different clubs focusing on academics, music, art, community service, and more. Clubs often meet during lunch or after school and are open to all students. Our largest organizations are the Technology Student Association (TSA), Robotics and Coding Club (RoCo) and Key Club. Visit our Clubs page for a complete list.

Does High Tech have sports teams? 

Because HTHS draws students from districts all over Monmouth County, we do not have a sports team. However, many student athletes travel to their home high school to participate in athletics.


Can I still participate in clubs and sports at my home school? How do I arrange that? 

Many students participate in sports, clubs, and activities at their home school. Transportation after school is arranged through the home high school. Generally, HTHS students have found that coaches are accommodating for students that must travel for practice.

Are there opportunities for musical/artistic expression at HTHS? 

Our Creative Arts Club, Jazz Band, and Performing Arts Club provide an environment for students to make and share various forms of art. Students also share their artistic talents in the annual HTHS Classical Music Night. Visit our Clubs page for a complete list.


How are students transported to HTHS? 

A school bus from the home district is responsible for picking students up from home and dropping them off. This can be arranged with home districts and transportation companies. Alternatively, parents can provide private transportation to and from school, and students with appropriate permits may drive. Bus rides can be anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour long.


How are students transported to home high schools / games? 

Certain buses will stop at the sending district high school to drop off students after school, but are not required to do so. Some districts have multiple buses, so it is important to find the correct bus. Regarding athletic competitions, students need to consult with their home high school to determine transportation requirements.

Student Life:


Will I be able to balance school with sports, a social life, etc.? 

High school is a balancing act. Students at HTHS absolutely have enough time to manage their academic workloads, play sports, join clubs, do research, get jobs, and have a social life - but very few people can “do it all.” Students have to use a realistic outlook to decide what activities are most important to them and selectively choose how to spend their time.


Why are all of the lockers open? 

Why not? Here at High Tech, we trust each other to be respectful of each other’s property. With such small classes, our classmates often feels like family, so we are perfectly comfortable with leaving our locker open.

How much homework do students receive on a daily basis? 

Students typically receive several hours of homework each day. The block scheduling at HTHS means that assignments for each class are usually not due the next day, unlike middle school assignments. Therefore, time management and organization are key do balancing homework with other activities.


How do students get their lunch every day? 

Students may order lunch from Brookdale Community College every morning by submitting lunch forms. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may walk over to Brookdale to buy lunch. Some students bring lunch from home and use one of the many microwaves to heat up their food. On most days student councils are selling certain kinds of snacks or other food items.

What school events are there? 

School events are a huge part of the HTHS community. Throughout the year, High Tech hosts school dances and opportunities to showcase talents, such as the Back-to-School Dance and Classical Music Night. Some of our most popular events are part of “House Cup” - a year long battle between each grade to win the most points through donation efforts and competitive events, culminating with Field Day in June.


Is adjusting to HTHS difficult? 

Changing schools always requires an adjustment period, and HTHS is no different. Each incoming freshman is paired with an upperclassman mentor for guidance, and school counsellors, as well as teachers, can offer support during this transition period.


Will I need to buy a laptop to attend? Mac or PC? 

While HTHS does not require students to purchase a laptop, many students have access to a computer on a daily basis. During the school day, personal laptops are not required since HTHS has ample computer carts and open labs. Many homework assignments are typed or done online, in keeping with our integration of technology into the classroom. Generally, either a Mac or PC is fine.


Do I have to plan on pursuing engineering as a career in order to attend HTHS? 

High school is a time to explore possible interests; in no way do we expect everyone to know exactly what they want to do as a career. Maybe after four years at HTHS you realize engineering is not for you - that’s perfectly okay. Most students do end up majoring in a STEM-related field when they enter college. Regardless, HTHS provides a strong problem-solving foundation that can be applied to any field of study.

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